So my dear friend Amber or Ambird as you may know her started up something called the Sunday Night Drawing Challenge, such a good idea because sunday nights are usually so lazy. Why not do a little drawing while I’m catching up with tv shows, I did this while watching last week’s episode of Fringe.
The way the challenge works is she gives you a bunch of words and you have to incorporate two or more. I chose cats, spirits, and ice cream. I decided I’m going to put up the drawing I complete each week up on Etsy for a low-low price. So click here if you want this original water color piece for your own.

I spent the majority of my weekend working on stuff for other people so it was nice to just let loose and work on something pretty silly. Plus I never use watercolor, so that was fun. 

holy fuck. i’m so choked that this sold. it’s, like, perfect.
dear danny, pls make me a print.

Ball point pen project, via Feliciachiao.
(via MIKE PERRY | Saint Basil’s Cathedral)
minus the smoking. and sharp teeth.. and slayer hat.

things that happen when jet lag wakes me up 4 hours before work starts.

holy amazing.

the golden trio